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What is Puraflo?

Puraflo is an eco-friendly, modular wastewater treatment system.

The system uses a peat fibre biofiltre system making it one of the most sustainable wastewater treatment systems on the market today with very little energy consumption.

Puraflo can work in conjunction with your existing Septic Tank,  Tricel Novo or Tricel Vento septic tank. Where a higher level of effluent filtration is required before being dispersed into the ground.

Advantages of the Puraflo sewage treatment system

  • Modular design ensures flexible sizing options.
  • Completely odour-free.
  • Very low or no power requirements.
  • Seasonal or intermittent use compatible.
  • Factory assembled.
  • Certified to EN12566-3.
  • SR66 Certified.
  • High level pathogen and nitrogen removal.
  • Green solution, based on passive biofiltration principles.
  • Unique peat fiber with high lignin content, which provides for a longer media life.
  • Minimal system operational and maintenance requirements.


How it works

1. Collection
Wastewater flows from the home into a watertight septic tank. The solids settle and the liquid effluent flows by gravity through an effluent filter to a pump/sump chamber.

2. Treatment
The liquid effluent is pumped intermittently into the Puraflo modules where it is distributed evenly onto the bio-fibrous peat filter. A combination of biological, chemical, and physical processes treat the effluent as it filters through the peat fibre media.

3. Dispersal or Water Reuse
The treated effluent emerges from the Puraflo modules and disperses into the ground through a percolation area or is collected for disposal by other methods. The high treatment levels achieved in the Puraflo system reduce the risk of pollution whilst providing protection for homes, the environment and public health.

Puraflo Module Dimensions

A 760
B 1185
C 1400
D 1935
E 2150

How many Puraflo modules do you need?

The Puraflo treatment system is supplied in a number of modules such as the one illustrated above.

The number of modules is dependent on the number of people who would normally occupy the property.

These sizing guidelines have been designed in accordance with the EPA Wastewater Treatment Manuals for single dwellings.

  • Single house unit with up to 6 people = 2 modules
  • Single house unit with up to 9 people = 3 modules
  • Single house unit with up to 11 people = 4 modules
  • Single house unit with up to 13 people = 5 modules
  • Single house unit with up to 15 people = 6 modules

Tertiary Treatment

Puraflo can be used as a polishing filter for “Tertiary Treatment” applications. Environmentally sensitive sites, sites in watershed protection areas, often require enhanced treatment.

This is achieved by combining both the Puraflo modules with a secondary treatment system, typically an aerobic treatment unit. The secondary treated effluent is dosed into the Puraflo polishing filter modules and undergoes a third stage or tertiary treatment.

The combined system will provide very high level pathogen and nutrient reduction.

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