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Installations, Upgrades & Replacement

Building a new home and installing a one off sewage treatment system, or upgrading an existing system, then look no further than Dolan’s Environmental & Plant Hire. We offer a one stop shop for your sewage treatment and installation needs.

We also supply customers with a complete installation package and under our 6 point plan you can rest assured that your waste water requirements and complacence to up to date specification and regulations will be achieved in the most efficient professional manner possible.

Our 6 point plan takes the pressure of you and we take on the responsibility of giving you a fully certified working sewage treatment system.


This was an existing system that was not operational in anyway and required substantial upgrade works to get up and running correctly, electrics needed to be installed, lids unsafe and needed to be sorted. all works required to put tank operational and get commissioned and certified.


Complete upgrade works completed, Lids secured in a concrete base, control panel securely installed to the concrete base all pumps and blowers powered up and operational. The system is located in a public area and was of upmost importance that everything was done in a manner to ensure safety to people in and around the location. Job turned out brilliant and client very happy.

1. Percolation Test & Design

All new build planning applications have to have a site suitability assessment (Percolation Test) carried out, this assessment must be carried out by a certified site assessor and in compliance with current regulations. If you are starting the process of getting a planning application together for a new build the give us a call today and we can work on your behalf to get your percolation test completed, and from the results of the percolation test we can design a system that best suits you site requirements and that meets current regulations and standards. (If you already have obtained planning permission then please see Step 2, and contact us in relation to your waste water treatment needs and requirements. We have a wide range of waste water treatment systems that will suit your site and comply with the results of your percolation test(Site suitability assessment)

2. System Supply

Dolan’s Environmental & Plant Hire are Distributers, Installers and Service & Maintenance personnel for one of Irelands leading waste water treatment specialists TRICEL Environmental

Tricel is a leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Wastewater Treatment Plants, Septic Tanks, Pumping Stations and Rainwater Harvesting Tanks in Ireland. All Tricel Wastewater Treatment Plants and Septic Tanks are compliant with the New S.R 66 regulations. These requirements are necessary when selecting a wastewater treatment system for installation up to 50 PE.
Further information on S.R. 66.

3. Competitive Realistic Quotation

To get a competitive quote that will cover the complete installation process and that will be fully compliant with a guarantee, simply give us a call or send us an email. We will manage the entire project and work directly with you to get the new sewage system installation completed. It’s our aim to make this process as trouble free and seamless as possible. We know what’s required to get the job done correctly and too standard, so you can be assured that our prices are competitive and realistic to what is needed to get the correct system installed and signed off on.

4. System Installation

Our skilled and trained installation team will install your new waste water treatment system and associated percolation area, sewer lines inspection manholes. Every segment of the system will be completed from the house to the percolation area. All plant and equipment will be supplied for the works. We also carry out all electrical works leaving you with a fully installed system from start to finish without the necessity of bringing in additional contractors to conduct various sections of the installation. This will give you piece of mind and a high quality system installed correctly. When installing systems we don’t just put the system in correctly and too standard. We also look at the bigger picture and how it will look in your lawn or garden and we always endeavour to achieve the best possible outcome between getting the system in correctly and achieving a look that the client is happy with and that looks as good as possible.

5. Commissioning & Certification

When the system is installed and working we carry out a complete system inspection and check and ensure all aspects of the system are operating correctly, and complete a commissioning cert. When this is completed we will issue you with the necessary documentation required by you to meet your planning needs.

6. Maintenance Contracts

We also offer annual maintenance contracts. These contract are now becoming more important as they are being requested by local authorities as part of planning applications, also they are important in relation to keeping your system operating to the optimum level. You wouldn’t buy and expensive car and not change the oil or service it so don’t invest in a sewage treatment system and not service and maintain it, if systems are left un-maintained it can lead to more expensive repairs down the line, regular maintenance means an efficient properly working system. We understand as a homeowner you want a reliable, professional service & maintenance package which will help you maintain your sewage treatment system and doesn’t lead to financial pressures at a set time of the year, that is why we offer a monthly payment plan on your septic tank, waste water treatment plant and Bio Cycle system.

Areas covered by this service:

  • Cavan
  • Longford
  • Leitrim
  • Westmeath

Note we have operated outside of these areas on occasions for customers whom wanted our skilled professional service.

In relation to service and maintenance contracts and works, we cover a much wider area and can deal with any make or model of sewage system, please see Septic Tank Service & Maintenance.

Expert turn-key service:

We can provide the following expert turn-key service:
  • Site inspections.
  • Percolation Tests/Site suitability assessments.
  • System Design.
  • Supply of Sewage treatment system/septic tank.
  • Trained, Experienced & Fully qualified Installation team.
  • Supply of plant & Equipment for installation works.
  • All installation fully supervised by qualified personnel.
  • System sign off after installation.
  • Annual maintenance.