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Septic Tank Emptying & Cleaning

Choose Dolan's Environmental & Plant Hire Tank Cleaning Service:

We are Domestic System Specialists, Tax Compliant and fully insured.

Waste Permit Number: NWCPO-16-11789

What’s included in every Septic Tank Empty:

  • Complete system inspection.
  • Filter maintenance.
  • Pumps removed, checked and inspected.
  • Rising mains flushed.
  • Sewer lines and manholes flushed and cleaned.
  • Discounted rates for repeat customers.
  • Reduced rates for group bookings (add your Friend or Neighbour).
  • Fully permitted waste collector.
  • Payment options available.
  • Experienced & fully trained operatives.
  • If your system needs a part, pump or blower replace all can be done under the 1 visit.

A septic tank/treatment tank or Bio cycle that is well maintained can provide years of reliability and cost effective servicing.

  • If a system is not serviced or maintained on a regular basis there is a strong likelihood that the system may fail and the cost of repair can be substantial, not to mention the unpleasant smells, overflows, blocked drains and the environmental impact that can be caused. A little often is better that a lot after.
  • New legislation that is now in effect in this country in relation to septic tank maintenance has led to the new inspection plan that see local authorities conducting site inspections on septic tanks and in order to comply and achieve a pass and have your system comply it needs to be up to specification and functioning properly, there is no better way to achieve this than with regular maintenance and servicing and getting your tank emptied and cleaned.

Expert & Professional Service

Our dedicated service team has the skills knowledge to deal with any domestic sewage treatment system, together with confined spaces and safety certified and trained staff, allows us to offer our customers a complete Maintenance & Service package that is unrivaled in the domestic market.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We provide Professional, Reliable, Efficient and Cost Effective domestic septic tank and drain cleaning services to all our customers using equipment that is designed for that purpose, we operate in full compliance with health and safety regulations.

Locations We Cover

We can offer Septic Tank, Treatment Tank and Bio Cycle Cleaning in Cavan, Longford, Leitrim, & Westmeath. If required we are in a strong position to operate in a greater area for clients that require our professional skilled services.

Dolan’s Environmental & Plant Hire are in a position to offer Septic Tank, Treatment Tank and Bio Cycle cleaning quickly, safely and efficiently. If you have a septic tank with unpleasant smells, backing up or require a bio cycle to be emptied in our area, then we have you sorted.