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Puraflo Sewage Treatment Maintenance

Dolan’s Environmental & Plant Hire are a long running and experienced service and repair team on the Puraflo waste water treatment system.

The Puraflo Peat System has become a well-known name in Ireland over the last 30-40 years. Originally it was supplied by Bord Na Mona(ANUA), the Puraflo System is now supplied by TRICEL Environmental. We are currently TRICEL distributors, installers and service team in the following areas:
Cavan, Longford, Westmeath, Leitrim, Monaghan.

Over the years we have serviced a much wider area and we still have loyal customers in these areas so no matter where your located and you require a new system, repair to existing system or a maintenance contract please give us a call today and our dedicated service and maintenance team will be ready to help.

To see our extended work locations please see Septic Tank Service & Maintenance.

Elements of a Tricel Puraflo System

Puraflo Waste Water Treatment System FAQ

Do Dolan's Environmental & Plant Hire Supply, Maintain & Service the Puraflo System?

Yes, we do.

I have an existing Puraflo. Can Dolan's Environmental & Plant Hire Service & maintain it?

Yes, We Service, Maintain & Repair all existing Bord Na Mona(ANUA) Puraflo sewage treatment systems covering, Cavan, Longford, Leitrim, Westmeath, Meath, Louth, Monaghan, Roscommon, Offaly and Kildare. Our service includes supplying of peat fibers, pumps and general system servicing.

How does the Puraflo Peat Module System Operate & Work?

Puraflo is an eco-friendly, modular wastewater treatment system.
The system uses a peat fibre biofiltre system making it one of the most sustainable wastewater treatment systems on the market with very little energy consumption.

Puraflo works in conjunction with your existing Septic Tank,  Tricel Novo or Tricel Platinum (formerly Anua Platinum) where a higher level of effluent filtration is required before being dispersed into the ground.

Click here to read more about Tricel Puraflo Wastewater Treatment.

When we carry out a service or maintenance agreement we cover the following points:

Septic tank Confirm access ports are secure
Confirm effluent filter is in place.
Clean effluent filter.
Confirm satisfactory condition of risers.
Record sludge level in tank.
Record scum level in tank.
Confirm water tightness of tank connections.
De-sludge Septic Tank (if required).
Pump chamber Confirm access ports are secure.
Record wastewater level in tank.
Confirm water tightness of tank.
Confirm satisfactory condition of risers.
Confirm satisfactory condition of pipe connections.
Pump Confirm pump is accessible and removable.
Confirm pump is operating satisfactorily.
Confirm floats are operating satisfactorily.
Confirm pump valves are operating satisfactorily.
Record the condition of floats, control panel and alarms
Control Panel Record the condition of control panel and alarm.
Examine Timer Settings.
Confirm alarm is working.
Sampling Chamber Confirm satisfactory condition of sample chamber.
Piping Confirm satisfactory condition of rising main.
Confirm satisfactory condition of manifold.
Confirm satisfactory condition of orifice plates/connections.
Peat Fiber Media Record the condition of the peat.
Examine peat for insect or pest infiltration.
Check for evidence of continuous ponding on media surface.
Confirm distribution grid is level
Confirm even distribution of wastewater within modules.
Confirm that the ventilation holes around top of module are free from obstruction.
Percolation Check for evidence of surface water diversion.
Check for evidence of ponding/surfacing of effluent.
Check for excessive vegetative growth over percolation.
Confirm stability of percolation area.

When completed we issue a full written report that is signed by our representative and the customer and can be kept for future reference or inspection by local authorities etc.

Call Or Email us today to book your service/maintenance contract.