Location: Westmeath

Sewage treatment system had failed and stop working and sewage was backing up and over flowing. The sewage system had to received a complete upgrade and be fully inspected and repaired.

Repair and Maintenance works that were completed:

  • Complete upgrade and repair works carried out to the electrical system.
  • New control panels installed with audible and visual alarms. New pumps and blowers installed and wired into new control panels.
  • Control panels connected to main power supply and fully tested.
  • Outlet pipe and splitter valve checked and tested.
  • New outlet filter installed in the wastewater treatment plant
  • Return sludge pump tested
  • Sewage treatment system was emptied/desludged, washed and cleaned and every component inside all the tanks were inspected, checked and tested to ensure they operating correctly
  • All aeration pipes were cleaned out, unblocked and checked.
  • A full sewage treatment system/septic tank inspection was carried out and a full itemised written report generated and issued to our client.

We advise that all sewage treatment systems be fully serviced, maintained and inspected at least once a year and that all people with a septic tank, treatment tank or bio cycles etc should have a service and maintenance agreement in place to ensure that their system is operating correctly and that there is no pollution to the environment.