Location: Longford.
Complete Sewage Treatment System Upgrade completed in Co. Longford. We had to remove the existing septic tank system that was no longer operational and installed a new fully compliant and certified wastewater treatment system.
The old tank had to be emptied/de-sludged, and dispose of old septic tank.
We then installed a complete new sewage treatment system.

  • Complete new sewer line direct from the house to the new wastewater treatment tank.
  • Gully traps for catching all waste and grey water coming from the kitchen, showers, baths, sinks, washing machines and dishwashers.
  • All new white waste water pipes were installed from the house and rod able inspection eyes installed for cleaning and unblocking if required in the future.
  • Installed a new vent pipe on the sewer line at the house and put on a carbon air filter to prevent/eliminate any possible smells or odors that may occur.
  • Installed a Tricel Nova wastewater treatment plant
  • Installed a complete new power supply direct from the fuse board inside the house to the wastewater treatment tank. All pumps and blowers were powered up and tested. All electrical works completed by RECI. approved electrican.
  • Installed a Tricel Puraflo system after the treatment tank. The two systems combined are called a Tertiary Treatment System.
  • Installed new percolation area.
  • Leveled and graded all excavated areas, seeded and rolled.
  • The Sewage System was fully tested, commissioned and activated.

A complete turnkey sewage system upgrade completed. Our client got a fully certified sewage treatment system that meets current regulations and also has his garden/lawn fully re-instated to the highest level including concreting and re-instating of all footpaths at the house.