The following is a site that was effected by major floods and the sewage treatment system was badly damaged, mainly to the electrics, and repair and upgrade works had to be carried out to get system back up and operating correctly.

We had to adjust the location of the electrical control panel and the blower. The control panel and blower housing was raised up to a height that made it safe if something like this was to ever happen again. We also sealed all the vent holes on the treatment tank and vented the tank in a manner that it would be safe if such a terrible event were to occur again.

The outlet pump, blower and all electrics were tested and operational.

Electrical cables, pipe work, ducting etc were all installed in a manner that they will not be affected like this again.

Conditions were difficult to allow the remedial and maintenance works be completed. The system was commissioned, tested and put operating correctly.
Due to the location of the percolation area it was not affected by the flooding.