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Percolation tests (Site suitability assessment)

Dolan’s Environmental & Plant Hire offer Site Suitability Assessments or more commonly know ‘Percolation Tests’ to EPA code of practice 2009 standard for planning applications and upgrades of existing Septic tanks & wastewater treatment systems.

Our qualified Engineers are fully insured Insurance and have completed the EPA/FAS “Site Suitability On-Site Wastewater” course for on-site waste water treatment systems.

This test should be completed before purchase or installation of a sewage treatment system so that the suitability of the site and soil can be assessed for sub-surface irrigation and effluent disposal.  However, other factors should also be taken into account, for example, local knowledge about ground conditions, water table levels and seasonal variations.

A percolation (permeability) test assesses the hydraulic assimilation capacity of the subsoil i.e. the length of time for the water level in the percolation hole to drop by a specified amount. The objective of the percolation test is to determine the ability of the subsoil to hydraulically transmit the treated effluent from the treatment system, through the subsoil to groundwater. The test also gives an indication of the likely residence time of the treated effluent in the upper subsoil layers and therefore it provides an indication of the ability of the subsoil to treat the residual pollutants contained in the treated effluent.

Dolan’s Environmental & Plant Hire carry out Percolation testing for planning permissions in Cavan, Leitrim, Longford, Roscommon, Westmeath and surrounding areas. The testing is done by a fully qualified site assessor.

We have full insurance cover in place to give our customers peace of mind while we are working on their properties.

Our reports are very detailed and include full E.P.A.C.O.P Site Assessment report, desk study, maps, O.S map showing local features, B.S 5930 soil test report, timed and dated digital photographs of the test in progress. All reports have scaled drawings showing the proposed location of sewage treatment system and polishing filters. These drawings are level related and will be easy to follow for individuals involved in the construction stage of the waste water system during civil & installation works. While the majority of our testing is undertaken for customers seeking new planning permission applications for new builds or home extensions, this is also a valuable service available to people who are interested in upgrading an existing septic tank system that is not up to the proper standards. We offer a excellent professional service at a fair price.

At Dolan’s Environmental & Plant Hire we don’t just stop there, we offer the personnel and equipment to excavate the test holes and trial hole. We supply safety fencing, to fence off the trial hole, for the duration it is left open as set out by the particular local authority and for the duration they specify. These holes are deep excavations that if not secured off correctly can be dangerous so it’s important that they are fenced off and secured correctly. All fencing is supplied and taken down and removed when trial hole is closed.

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