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Commissioning & Activation Service

Before you switch on your septic tank, waste water treatment plant or bio cycle, get it checked and tested!

It’s time to trust the experts when it comes to the commissioning and ongoing maintenance of your sewage treatment system. At Dolan’s Environmental & Plant Hire our professional and trained service and maintenance team offer a bespoke Commissioning and Activation Service for a wide range of Septic Tanks, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Bio Cycles and Puraflo Systems. We are experienced and trained to work on a wide variety of sewage treatment systems that covers a number of different sewage system manufacturers that are on the market. We can issue written fully certified commissioning reports on any system.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Wastewater treatment plants.
  • Septic tanks.
  • Bio Cycles.
  • Puraflo peat systems.
  • All on-site sewage treatment systems or septic tanks.

We at Dolan’s Environmental & Plant Hire want to make sure that your Sewage treatment system & Septic tank operate to maximum efficiency. That’s why we recommend tried and tested services by our own skilled and trained Service & Maintenance team. Due to our extensive 40+ years experience in the waste water treatment sector and being part of leading product manufacturers over that period. We are the best placed to carry out bespoke inspections, assessments and maintenance to get your system up and running.

We’ll provide you with a unique signed checklist against your sewage treatment system, ensuring your complete peace of mind.


With our full commissioning service, you can enjoy:
  • Reassurance that your system’s mechanical and electrical components are in good working order.
  • Any repairs or adjustments will be done to get system operational when on site.
  • Float switches set into position, pumps tested and operational, blowers tested and operational etc.
  • A Trouble-Free start to the operation of your sewage treatment system.

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